Frank Marquette

ABOUT FRANK MARQUETTE - Teacher of the Faux Bois Furniture Class.
For 30 years I’ve designed and manufactured themed environments.  Starting out in California and finishing up in New Zealand, my career has been rewarding financially and personally.
I began as a landscape contractor constructing water features, then made my way into rock simulation as it offered greater creative scope.  Museum exhibits and Amusement Park attractions were next.  Soon we were manufacturing complete amusement park rides and even started an electromechanical engineering division to design and manufacture automatic guided vehicles for Disney Imagineering, but that’s another story.
The last few years of themeing contracting was mainly spent creating specialized sets for the motion picture industry, one feather in the cap was building sets for "The Lord of the Rings".  And that’s roughly how I spent 30 years as a creative contractor.
But what I had really wanted to become all that time was a fine artist...
I now live in Sedona Arizona and I am recognized as a fine artist selling my works in the top gallery in town (and as fast I a can produce them).  That’s saying something, if I may say so, as Sedona is one of the main fine art centers of our country.  
It finally happened.  I have no staff, minimal overheads, great margins, low risk - and I’m doing what I always wanted to.
Spending time with Nathan of Vertical Artisans he talked about other ways of making an income from my experience by sharing it with others.  I decided to put together this course on Faux Bois Furniture for those that were willing to make a relatively small investment to learn how to make their own art and go directly to gallery level work from the get go.
It’s just about too much fun making a table that sells for $2,000 for about $150 in materials and 10 hours of work.  Heck, the gallery tells me to charge even more.  I’d feel guilty but other artists there are selling paintings there for $20,000 and up and they only spend $100 on their materials. 
The point is, when you make beautiful (and in this case functional) art you deserve to be well compensated.  Creating this level of “fine finish” Faux Bois Furniture (and whatever else you can think of making out of it) does take a definite understanding of process and materials.  I’ll share with you my learnings and you’ll be off to a flying start.  If you are attracted to using cement and light gauge steel (no welding) to create enduring beautiful outdoor furniture and other effects, you will love this class.

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