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Texas Hardscape Supply - Foam Core Construction Class

Mon May 15,2017 9:00 am - Fri May 19,2017 4:00 am
Texas Hardscape Supply, 5796 E SH 114, Haslet, Texas 76052 (US)

There are two parts to this training.

1.) The Free day is May 16th.  All are welcome to view theHardscape System and how it is used.

2.) The paid training days May 17th - 19th include Foam Core Construction.

These last three days will include the hand carved portions, Foam core Construction and staining and sealing of the project.

Each Full Pay Student will recieve the following:

(1) Year Subscription to the CORE Courses I & II                                       $1,495.00

(1) Year Subscription to the Foam Core Construction Course                       $1,495.00

The value of this class is $2,990.00

Student Price is $1,800.00

There will be a full product line available at the time of the class.  

Paid Event

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