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SpiderLath Inc.

SpiderLath Inc.
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General info
No more cuts from the old metal lath! SpiderLath is easy to handle and lightweight! Only 20 lbs per 300 square foot roll. One person can safely climb scaffolding with 300 sf of fiberglass mesh! Rust proof and non corrosive. Excellent for use in coastal areas!

SpiderLath has received IAPMO Evaluation Approval for conformance with the International Building Code (IBC) and the AC 275.

The SpiderLath Advantage
SpiderLath is designed to be a replacement alternative for metal lath in conjunction with the following products: Manufactured stone veneer; one and three coat stucco; natural stone thin veneer, concrete countertops; plaster; and tile.

SpiderLath offers corrosion free material designed to last the life of the material being applied to it. It is made of AR fiberglass, a known material compatible with cementitous materials. It uses a twisted weave to aid in keying the mortar. Click for warranty & testing data.

SpiderLath adds tensile and flexural strength to the cementitous material providing a stronger bond. Versatile and strong enough to use with heavy weight products such as three coat stucco and natural stone veneer.
  • Expertise/Skills:
  • Concrete Counter Tops, 
  • Decorative Concrete Store / Outlet / Retailer, 
  • Decorative Plaster, 
  • GFRC Paneling , 
  • Hardscapes, 
  • Manufacturer of Concrete Products and Supplies, 
  • Seat Walls & Hardscapes, 
  • Signage & Monuments, 
  • Stamped Concrete (Flatwork), 
  • Stamped Concrete (Vertical), 
  • Stamped Concrete Overlays (Flatwork), 
  • Stone Facing (Vertical), 
  • Themed Environments, 
  • Water Features


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